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2022: Bre Stephen Palmer, Roger Varley and Joni Mannell

2021: Bre Andrew Bramhill, James Walker and Mark Vincent

2020: Bible School cancelled due to Covid-19

2019: Bre Pete Owen, Dev Ramcharan and Stephen Ashton

2018: Bre John Owen, Tim Morgan and Martyn Lawrence

2017: Bre Roger Long, Jeremy Brown and Joni Mannell

2016: Bre Mark Vincent, Stephen Palmer and Christian Russell

2015: The Road to Salvation: Bre Andrew Johnson, David Smith and James Walker

2014: To God be the Glory: Bre Andrew Bramhill, Arne Roberts and Martyn Lawrence

2013: Heirs of The Kingdom: Bre Joni Mannell, Nigel Patterson and Dev Ramcharan

2012: Redeemer and King: Bre Christian Russell, Tec Morgan and Stephen Whitehouse

2011: He will teach us of His ways: Bre David Smith, Mark Whittaker and Roger Long

2010: Grace to help in time of need: Bre Andrew Walker, Mark Vincent and Martyn Lawrence

2009: The Lord giveth wisdom: Bre Andrew Bramhill, Tec Morgan and Arne Roberts