Guidelines – Child Protection Policy – GDPR


To aid the smooth running of Bible School we ask that you abide by these guidelines:

1. All are expected to attend the sessions and classes on the main programme.
2. Please notify the teacher or a committee member if your child will not be at a class or activity.
3. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children outside organised activities.
4. Bedrooms and property are to be respected, please report any damages.
5. You may not swap or change rooms without prior approval.
6. Please respect bed times and quietness around the campsite, rooms and corridors.
7. Please take special care that you are dressed modestly so as not to cause offence.
8. Sisters are asked to wear a head covering to the main sessions.
9. Badges are to be worn to satisfy University and Bible School requirements.
10. Please wear footwear at all times around the campus. Trainers MUST be worn in the Sports Hall.
11. Report incidents of accidents or illness.

Further detail relating to these will be found in the Notes for Bible School.

These guidelines are for the benefit and safety of all attendees as well as ensuring compliance with University requirements, please respect them.


There is a child protection policy, available on request.


To view or obtain a copy of our GDPR policy Click here.