Booking & Help Forms

See bottom of page for booking & help form download links.

An adult booking is INVALID without a help form regardless of whether you can or cannot help. An adult for this purpose is anyone 18 and over, please use one form for each person.

Don’t worry if you are UNABLE TO HELP, simply tick a box at the top of the help form and submit it with your booking form. This may seem strange but is really useful for us when compiling the activities plan.

We make a strong appeal to PARENTS with children attending Bible School to offer to TEACH or LEAD ACTIVITIES, doing so may give booking PRIORITY over those who don’t. We fully realise that first time applicants may prefer to restrict their initial involvement in this area and we exercise our discretion accordingly.

In addition we also need help to provide a full and exciting programme for adults and children.

Your suggestions and offers of help will be welcome so why not share your favourite hobby with others? Ideas such as painting, pilates, gardening, cross-country walks, croquet, singing, floristry or crafts can be incorporated into the timetable to make a full and varied programme of activities which can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Please volunteer to help in more than one area and with as many sessions as possible with teaching, recreation, sports and social activities. This helps us greatly when allocating tasks but be rest assured we will not over burden you during the week.

Booking & Help Forms etc:
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Click here to download – Non-Residents
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Click here to download – QMH meals for campers
Click here to download – Brochure 2017